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Straight To The Source: Where Our Natural Dairy Products Come From

Tucked away in the serene and stunning Midlands landscape, Graceland Cheesery is every cheese lover’s dream! The 26-year old, family-run business, founded by Bill and Karin Frost, prides itself in producing a wide and flavoursome variety of natural cheeses made from raw, full cream cow’s milk.


Far from your run-of-the-mill cheesery, Graceland puts the wellbeing of the planet – and the people that live in it – at the centre of all they do.


From the dairy suppliers and the manufacturing processes that they use, right down to the delivery of their natural dairy products, they understand that every choice matters.


Supporting ethical dairy farmers is extremely important to them. They only do business with farmers who allow their cows to roam free under the glorious KwaZulu-Natal sun and feast upon nutrient-rich grass. The milk that they source is in its purest form possible – without any added hormones (which are injected into cows to force them to make more milk than they naturally would). And their manufacturing process steers clear of any treatments that destroy the beneficial bacteria in milk that help keep your gut healthy.


As for their delivery, products such as yoghurts and fetas arrive at Goodsource in glass jars, and products such as cheeses are dipped in wax – staying true to the ethos of plastic-free shopping.



Get Your Graceland Natural Dairy Products At Goodsource


Whether you’re into to artisanal cheeses, natural yoghurts or full cream fetas, you’re sure to see these Graceland natural dairy products stocked at our Hillcrest-based, plastic-free store. But being all about single-use plastic reduction, you may notice we’re a little light on the labelling side.


So, when trying to satisfy your cultured curiosity and find answers to questions like ‘What’s in this cheese?’ or ‘Which certifications does this product have?’, you’ll be glad to know that every single one of our milk-based products is from a local and traceable supplier, like Graceland, that adheres to our strict ethical standards (please also keep in mind that we’re more than happy to present you with any product information you’re looking for – just ask our friendly team).


Because we know our customers are very conscious about the purchases they make, we go to great lengths to ensure that we source high quality, natural dairy products from reputable farmers and manufacturers who embrace the same earth-friendly values that we do!


Natural Dairy Products: Why Your Choice Matters



With the ultimate question being ‘Does buying natural dairy products really make a difference?’, we’re left with a wealth of information that leads to a resounding YES! Be it supporting ethical manufacturers like Graceland, enjoying richer and more natural tasting cheeses, encouraging fair treatment of livestock or reaping gut-friendly health benefits, your choice certainly matters.   


With all this in mind, we hope you stop by for a visit at our Hillcrest store, check out some of our Graceland products and experience sustainable shopping first-hand in a vibey, passionate and kid-friendly environment.

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